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Ji'nan Dezhong Machinery Co., Ltd. has aluminum windows and doors processing equipment eleven years of manufacturing experience, to provide free consulting projects and feasibility, cost-effectiveness analysis, machine selection for customers, plant layout design, electrical resource allocation, aluminum doors and windows, plastic doors and windows, insulating glass production flow diagram, training of engineering and technical personnel, to provide software technical training, free debugging equipment, the scene to guide the production, until the production of qualified products and other services to the entire process.

1, equipment warranty for one year, the main components of one year free warranty, life-long repair.

2, to provide users with free training equipment operation, repair and aluminum window production staff.

3, take plastic, aluminium window factory assembly line equipment and personnel allocation plan "turn-key" project construction

4, according to the output size, automation level, provide the corresponding reasonable equipment configuration.

5, focus on the city 72 hours of timely service, in 48 hours.

6, provided free of charge within the industry related information.

7, equipment and spare parts fast.

8, do not provide scheduled service.

9, the quality of service if not satisfied please direct feedback from the general manager of the company.

The 10 main parts of the machine, international procurement, the adoption of international standards of production process.

11, effectively provide expert technical advice and suggestion.

12, to provide customers from the selection to the equipment installation and put into production, the full range of services.

13, a trusted professional technical training and after sale service, to provide timely and convenient equipment maintenance, repair services.

14, provide 24 hours after sale service telephone: 15315419481 13905314743 for your production escort.

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